Sunday, October 01, 2006

Run, Run, Run!
(All for a Good Cause)

A couple months ago a catchy pink brochure caught my eye at the gym. It boldly asked "Who are you running for?". The leaflet contained a registration form for the CIBC Run for the Cure. I took one of the brochures, put it in my pocket, and called my mom and sister the next day.

Today we participated in the 5km run / walk, along with an estimated 5,000 other runners and walkers. Baby Girl came too, snuggly swaddled in her stroller. It was a neat way for the women (and future women) of our family to support a worthy cause.

The weather was horrible --- rain and cold wind. Everyone was soaked to the skin, except for Baby safely sheltered under her plastic rain cover. Many of the race participants wore crazy pink costumes and wigs. Several houses along the route were decorated to display their support.

Highlights included the "Pink Teddy Bear's Picnic" house, and the evergreen trees sporting gigantic pink brassieres. The men's team with t-shirts proclaiming "We Love Breasts" was also hilarious. Maybe the best part of all was the female bonding time with my mom, sister and daughter. :-)

So, who was I running for? I walked for the memory of my Grandma Cristo, who lost her battle with cancer five years ago. Also, for my Auntie Lorna who bravely fought and is winning.

Several times every day I sit down and breastfeed my baby girl. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to lose my breasts to cancer, and the thought almost reduces me to tears. I pray that I, and the women in my family, will never have to live through such a tragedy.

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