Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Highlights

Christmas season celebrations are still in full swing for the Inkster Clan. We lovingly refer to this week as "the marathon". With most of our family living right here in Calgary, the party shifts from house to house for days and days! This week we will celebrate (or already have celebrated) Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, our wedding anniversary on Dec. 29th, "Christmas" with my family on Dec. 30th, New Year's Eve, and our son's birthday on New Year's Day.

Some highlights of this holiday season:
  • The children slept in past eight o'clock Christmas morning. The boys snuggled in our bed for another half-hour before they finally wandered downstairs.
  • Our two-year-old unknowingly sported a wrapping paper "tail" for most of Christmas morning.
  • Our (almost) four-year-old shouted "STAR WARS LEGO!! This is soooo cool!" when he opened our gift to him.
  • My dear husband gave me a subscription to Craft magazine. I gave him a subscription to Make. Both gifts were a surprise!
  • Grandpa Merv built our boys new bunk beds for Christmas. Grandma Marilou sewed our toddler a Bob the Builder quilt for his "big boy bed". (Big brother already has a matching quilt for his top bunk.) Our two-year-old could hardly wait to go to bed last night. He sat on his bottom bunk singing and talking for almost an hour after we turned off the lights.
  • Baby Girl giggled and smiled at her fluffy new puppy puppet.
  • Ben and I had a Veggie Tales: Dance! Dance! Dance! competition far into the night yesterday. We looked like goofs, but it was so much fun we just couldn't stop.

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