Saturday, December 30, 2006

Like Chocolate in a Pocket

Cold water splashed across my face as I wiped a wayward strand of hair from my eyes. I grimaced and grabbed a bar of soap. As much as I scrubbed, I couldn't remove the ugly brown splotch. I groaned in frustration and shut off the tap.

I am tired. Exhausted, really. Emotionally and physically drained. Totally over-stimulated.

I have to admit, the Christmas season is difficult for me. I'm an introverted, stick-to-the-routine type of gal. A solid week of parties, socializing, rich meals, and embarrassing overindulgence have worn me out. Several days of skipped naps and too many sweets have left our kids shell-shocked as well.

I feel like I'm a sticky, yucky, mess of melted chocolate. Chocolate is a tasty treat --- something to be savoured once in a while. God created chocolate, and it is good! However, too much chocolate leaves me with a sore tummy and a chocoholic-hangover in the morning.

This holiday season I am feeling overwhelmed. I feel spent and worn out. This is the first Christmas I've been a mom of three little children. Keeping up with the kids is a marathon at the best of times, but this week it feels downright impossible. Like the gob of gooey chocolate I found hiding in my two-year-old's pocket this evening, I feel melted, wasted, and destined for the trash pail.

This evening I carefully rinsed my toddler's clothes. I sprayed his shirt and pants with stain remover and draped them over the side of the laundry hamper. Absentmindedly, I grabbed the newest Focus on the Family magazine and stretched out on the bed for a short rest. Near the end of the magazine, a Bible verse touched my weary heart:

...He gently helps those who have young. (Isaiah 40:11)

During this busy season of life (and harried week on the calendar) I must remember to keep my eyes fixed on God. I quickly feel tired and overwhelmed when I try to do everything on my own. I need to allow my Savior to lead me and guide me. God will help me to be a good wife, a patient mommy, and a godly woman. I need to find my strength and solace in Him.

God's promises are sweet --- better than the finest chocolate. They are like delicious food for my weary soul. I plan to tuck His Word away in my pocket, ready to comfort me on exhausting days. God's words are trustworthy and true...

...and they aren't likely to melt if I forget to eat them. ;-)

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