Sunday, December 31, 2006

Recommended Reading:
A Lithgow Palooza: 101 Ways to Entertain and Inspire Your Kids

Who knew that buying a box of Cheerios could be so educational?

We received A Lithgow Palooza through the mail this week. The book was a free "cereal box prize" from General Mills, and what a treat it is! A Lithgow Palooza is crammed full of fun and funny ideas for kids. John Lithgow offers suggestions for dozens of creative activities (paloozas). Each palooza explores one of five artistic disciplines --- music, drama, dance, art and literature. I especially like the "extrapapalooza" sections, where John invites kids to stretch their imaginations even further. This is a great book for rainy days, birthday parties, weekends, vacations ... for just about any occassion.

Our family has come to enjoy John Lithgow's picture books as well. We own several titles (hooray for cereal box prizes!) including: Marsupial Sue, I'm a Manatee, and Micawber. You may take a look at John Lithgow's website here.

With another week of winter vacation remaining before kids head back to class, why not check out A Lithgow Palooza? This books is a fantastic boredom-buster.

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