Monday, January 22, 2007

Buying Organic

I am slowly working at incorporating more organic and locally-produced foods into our diet. Buying organic food can be expensive, and I think it is probably more cost-effective to buy directly from farmers. I have been searching for a good place to buy organic meat, in particular. Last night my friend recommended a great place where I can purchase organic chicken.

Country Lane Farms is located near Strathmore. They accept orders for organic chicken, beef and fresh fish online. Country Lane brings the orders into Calgary on scheduled dates at specific times, and one of the drop-off locations is our very own church parking lot. (Why did I not learn this sooner?!). They also deliver to the Southcentre Mall parking lot.

Another good website I've found is Slow Food Calgary. This site has a list of many local producers, and many of them raise organic foods.

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