Friday, May 11, 2007

Baby Girl's Birthday Gift

I must admit, I really enjoy having a little daughter. I love her pretty dresses. I love putting barrettes in her hair. I love buying her cute girly things.

I enjoy handmade, vintage, country craft style. Today I found the sweetest, most perfect gift for my baby girl's first birthday. I bought her an adorable April Cornell rag doll. The doll has black yarn hair, embroidered red velvet pants, a floral t-shirt, and a tiny knit sweater. She carries a little backpack with a cute bunny inside. I think she's wonderful.

Baby Girl was shopping with me when I found the doll. I must say, she was pretty disappointed when I tucked the dolly away in my bag. Baby Girl wanted to play with her right away! I think she will love her birthday gift.

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