Thursday, May 10, 2007

Renovation Update

Today we had a break from the construction. The contractor stayed a bit later yesterday and finished all the framing. I believe the framing inspection is scheduled for Monday, and he can't continue with the work until after the inspection.

Thus far, Ben and I have been very impressed with our contractor. I feel completely comfortable with the workmen in my house. They've been great with the children. Being a neat freak, I especially appreciate the fact our contractor cleans up at the end of each day. He even vacuums my front hallway for me.

Monday is shaping up to be crazy-busy. The inspector is coming to check the framing, the plumber is planning to hammer out a section of the concrete floor and rough in the bathroom, and the electrician will start on the wiring. It will likely be a noisy, tiring day.

Ben and I can hardly believe how quickly our dream is becoming reality. We have wandered down to the basement several times this week and marvelled at how different it all looks. For two years we talked and planned and strategized about how we would finish the basement. We dreamed about expanding our space and building a play room for our kids. Within a few weeks everything will be finished. Our kids will have a great new space for their toys. (And I will reclaim my living room!) All the noise and dust and disruption will be totally worth it.

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