Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Frozen Juice

My husband taught me this nifty trick. I believe he learned it from some ladies in the church kitchen (where he was recently wrangled into mixing up vast quantities of punch).

I find making juice from frozen concentrate to be a tiresome task. The juice often settles to the bottom of the jug as an icy, impenetrable lump. I dislike poking and mashing at the frozen lump with my spoon. (I've been known to use a potato masher to make the task easier.) Mixing up a jug of juice can be an exhausting business.

At least, it was an exhausting business. No longer! I have conquered my sweet, sticky nemesis.

Here's the secret I'd like to share ... cans of frozen juice concentrate are microwavable.

I'm not sure why this works. I always remove the top of the can (do not neglect this step!) but the metal bottom goes into the microwave. The way I understand it, metal and microwaves don't mix. However, a minute-and-a-half in my microwave thaws the frozen juice quite nicely (without any fireworks). Mixing up punch is a breeze.

It's a simple little solution that works for me.


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Mom2fur said...

I think the key is the ratio of metal to the rest of the container. Microwaveable (sp?) soups have a little metal rim. Tell your husband he's brilliant...or at least really good at listening to church ladies, LOL!