Monday, July 02, 2007

The Grand Tour

Last night we entertained several members of Ben's family. His aunt, uncle and cousin were visiting Calgary from the UK, and they joined us for supper. We see these members of Ben's extended family once every year or two, and our children have only met them a couple of times. Their visit was a rare pleasure.

Our children were excited to have guests in the house. Our four-year-old son took it upon himself to give his auntie a grand tour. He guided her upstairs and showed off his bedroom. He then took her into the other bedrooms.

"This is my baby sister's room," he said.

"Oh, it's very nice," commented Ben's aunt.

"And here is Mommy's special rocking chair," he continued.

"Oh, yes," she replied.

"You know, Mommy has her own special chair because she's the only person in our family who has boobies with milk in them."

(Clearly, my son is used to having babies as younger siblings. In his mind, breastfeeding is a natural element of family life. He's so sweet and innocent.)

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