Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Book Review:

No Sheep For You
by Amy R. Singer

I am a knitting newbie. I picked up some needles for the first time (in a long, long time) about a year ago and started making an afghan. (I have since learned a valuable lesson --- start with a small project.) My afghan is about 1/5 done. At that rate, I figure I have about four more years of work ahead of me.

I'm not exactly a gifted knitter, but someday I'd like to be. I love browsing through magazines and books about knitting and crochet. My collection of "some day" patterns is ever growing larger. Fiber arts are enjoying a renaissance in the world of crafts, and hip new books on the topic seem to come out every day.

No Sheep For You is a fun, informative book. The pages are brimming with fiber art eye candy. (You have to love the cheeky cover photo.) I will admit, some of the information (and all of the project patterns) were over my newbie knitter head. I gleaned as much as I could and simply drooled over the luscious photographs.

Amy Singer's writing style is witty and unpretentious. She explains complex manufacturing processes in simple terms, in ways even a fiber newbie can understand. Amy is well-known within the knitting community as the founder of Knitty.com. (Hooray for Canadians!) She's an expert in her field, and it shows. No Sheep For You is filled with helpful information and gorgeous projects.

I greatly enjoyed browsing through the pages of this book, and highly recommend it to other knitting aficionados.

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Courtney Wain said...

I really enjoyed this book too- very fun!