Monday, November 19, 2007

Christmas Baking

This week I plan to start one of my favourite activities --- Christmas baking! I recognize that this year I am in the hungry stage of pregnancy, and have the potential to go overboard with my Christmas treats. (Previous years are a testament to that fact!) Therefore, I've decided to carefully curtail my Christmas baking. I plan to make only a few tried-and-true favourites.

I will be trading treats with a friendly mom from my son's junior kindergarten class. We each plan to bake a batch of cookies and a pan of squares to share. I've proposed to make chocolate-dipped shortbread and turtle brownies. My friend will bake stained glass window cookies and caramel pecan bars.

I addition, I would like to bake two other easy cookie recipes. My kids love chocolate-kissed peanut butter cookies. I also plan to make cinnamon crescent rolls.

And that's it! Not too crazy this year, just enough to share with guests and family over the next month. Though I must admit ... I am sorely tempted to add one or two more recipes to my Christmas list. We'll see how well I stick to my conservative baking plan :-).

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