Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Romantic Escape

What a wonderful weekend! Ben and I spent the last few days in the lovely town of Banff, nestled within the majestic Rocky Mountains. We planned a special getaway to celebrate our eighth wedding anniversary.

Our children spent the weekend with their grandparents. Ben and I stayed in a loft suite at a nice hotel. Our room had a small kitchen and a rustic wood-burning fireplace. A very romantic place, indeed. We stayed for two nights and slept in very, very late each morning.

On Friday night we went for a beautiful, moonlit sleigh ride. My hubby and I snuggled under a buffalo skin robe and enjoyed gourmet chocolates. The weather was perfect --- just below zero with light snow. After our ride we ate a delicious late supper at a local steak house.

On Saturday afternoon we toured around town and poked our noses through the local shops. I stocked up at the Rocky Mountain Soap Company, and Ben and I indulged in Bernard Callebaut chocolates. Late in the afternoon we visited the spa at the Upper Hot Springs. Ben and I each received a wonderfully relaxing massage. My massage therapist even used a special pillow for my baby belly. After our massages Ben took a dip in the hot springs while I wandered through the gift shop.

We returned home this afternoon rested, relaxed and ready to step back into a routine. The children had lots of fun at Grandpa and Grandmas'. This week our oldest son returns to school and the next few days are shaping up to be quite busy.

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