Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bookish Crafty Goodness

I've read several great craft books over the past few weeks. I love the fact that the world of craft is enjoying a renaissance. It's cool to be crafty! Here's a brief review of my favourite reads:

by Sabrina Gschwandtner

I received this book for Christmas and it was one of my favourite gifts. Every artist's biography was utterly inspiring. I enjoyed the range of projects and people Sabrina Gschwandtner interviewed, and I also appreciated the fact the Gshwandtner included instructions for numerous projects. (However, I do not intend to knit a gigantic fibreglass teddy bear any time soon...)

Mr. Funky's Super Crochet Wonderful
by Narumi Ogawa

I could become slightly addicted to amigurumi (Japanese crocheted toys). They are cute, soft, easy-to-make and downright fun. I actually had to force myself to return this book to the library. I was scared that if I held onto it, I would start too many new projects!

Generation T: 108 ways to transform a T-Shirt
by Megan Nicolay

My husband leafed through this book and commented, "I can't really see you wearing anything in here." An honest enough statement. Most of the projects in Generation T are much too punk for my taste. However, this book gave me some great ideas for my own t-shirt modifications. I may not wear a "t-shirt bikini" any time soon, but I will certainly use some of the tips and techniques I've learned in future refashioning projects.

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