Monday, February 18, 2008

The Grand Master Plan

I have been asked the following question fairly often lately: What do I plan to do with myself when all the kids are in school during the day?

Considering our fourth baby is still pre-born, I have a few years ahead of me to prepare! As well, I know that my plans should be flexible and are subject to God's will.

I do have a plan, though :-).

Through my university years and into early motherhood I taught piano lessons part-time. It was a great job. I love teaching kids (and adults) and I love the piano. I also appreciate the flexibility of working for myself, setting my own hours, and developing my own lesson plans.

Eventually Ben and I plan to move into a larger home. (Within the next three or four years.) We hope to buy a home with an office/den space that I can convert into my own piano studio. In the past, I traveled to my students' homes to teach lessons. I look forward to having my very own studio space!

For the past couple of years I've been working on my ARCT diploma in piano. I've completed two of the required exams so far. I'm hoping to take my third exam in August and the fourth in December. The biggest challenge, my ARCT performance exam, will take at least two more years of study I think.

I may not have my own piano studio for another five or six years, but I am already planning and dreaming about it. I'm slowly working toward my goal of finishing my ARCT diploma and joining the Alberta Registered Music Teacher's Association. I know my plan is in God's hands :-).

That said, my husband is chiding me for not doing my music homework this evening. It's time to turn off my computer and hit the books!

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