Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Reading Thing 2008

The weather in Calgary has been gorgeous this week. The snow has melted, the geese are returning north, and I've seen a few brown bunnies hopping around. Perhaps Spring is really on its way! It seems most of Canada is still buried under a mountain of snow, however, so I am not packing away our coats and boots just yet...

Once again, Katrina at Callipider Days is graciously hosting the Spring Reading Thing. I am looking forward to participating in her newest reading challenge. Because our family is expecting a little bundle of joy within a few short weeks, my reading list is quite modest. I've chosen to include six books.

Non Fiction:

Sew Everything Workshop
by Diana Rupp

The Riddle of Amish Culture
by Donald B. Kraybill

The Creative Family
by Amanda Blake Soule


by Randy Alcorn

Seventh Day
by Bodie and Brock Thoene

A New Song
by Jan Karon

If you would like to browse book lists of other Spring Reading Thing participants, please check out the Mr. Linky at Callipidder Days.

Happy reading! Happy Spring!


Courtney Wain said...

Geez, 4 children 5 and under, # 4 yet to be born, and you only picked SIX books? You're really letting the ball drop.;-)

- Courtney

Courtney Wain said...

ps: happy belated bday. Sorry for being a non-communicative tool!

Katrina said...

Looks good, Lindsay! And yes, I'm sure your new little bundle will keep you busy, so a modest list is a good idea. :) Thanks for joining SRT '08!

Sheila said...

I never join challenges since the one time I did I failed miserably. :)

I loved New Song by Jan Karon. I've read books 1-5 and book 7. I don't know that I will continue with them, however. We'll see.

I'm glad to hear that Spring is arriving there. My poor father in law is still stuck in the snow in eastern Canada.