Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Big Boys Use the Potty

The potty training journey continues in our household. Our three-year-old son continues to wear pull ups and has an accident of some sort every day. It has been a difficult, humbling experience.

However, we may have finally turned a corner this week. Our son has decided he likes using the little portable potty (rather than the big toilet with a special seat). He has consistently used the little potty chair for the past two days. Yesterday, for the first time in many months, he was accident-free.

Even better, today at bath time (without prompting) our son took off all his own clothes, put them in the laundry, used the potty, and then dumped the potty's contents in the toilet! What a great display of self-motivation! Perhaps our three-year-old is finally starting to realize he can do "big boy things" all on his own.

We praised our boy a great deal this evening. His little chest puffed out with pride in his new accomplishments. I am praying this trend continues in the coming days...

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