Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Book Review:

Seventh Day
by Bodie and Brock Thoene

The Thoenes' A.D. Chronicles series rank among my favourite books of all time. I greatly enjoy historical fiction and especially appreciate stories set around the time of Christ. The A.D. Chronicles are fascinating because the series is based on actual Biblical accounts and extensive historical research. These books bring stories from the Bible vibrantly to life. In all honesty, the Thoenes' fiction has worked to deepen my Christian faith and my personal hunger for God's Word.

I recommend reading the books in this series in order. The characters and stories progressively build and develop. My favourite A.D. Chronicles book (thus far) is Sixth Covenant, which describes the events surrounding Jesus' birth in Bethlehem. I believe the sixth book is the best in the series to date. Seventh Day had a hard act to follow!

The series' seventh installment revisits several previous story lines and characters. At times, it felt as though the book played a lot of "catch up", reintroducing people and plots. In a way, Seventh Day felt a bit like a filler --- bridging the gap between the sixth and (future) eighth A.D. Chronicles books.

That said, Seventh Day is a brilliant book and quite engaging in its own right. Much of the plot centers around the Biblical account of Lazarus and his miraculous return from death. The Thoenes flesh out Lazarus' story and propose a compelling interpretation of the events.

All seven of the A.D. Chronicles books have found their way into our personal library. I believe these books will stand the test of time and continue to inspire readers for years to come. I look forward to sharing the A.D. Chronicles with our own children some day. The Thoenes are a gifted team and their books are always a pleasure to read.

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