Monday, May 05, 2008


Now that our house is conditionally sold I am allowing myself to feel excited about our new home. In two short months we're moving to a new house! A big house! With a big yard!

I've been thinking a lot about our new yard (and the wonderful soccer fields out our back gate). Here are some things I am looking forward to outside:
  • A compost bin. (I've wanted one for years and years, but we've never had a yard to call our own.)
  • Choosing a tree for the front yard. (I think a mountain ash is the front-runner at the moment.)
  • Shoveling the walk. (Yes. I do like shoveling. It's very therapeutic, don't you know.)
  • Having a place for the kids to run!
  • Our beautiful new two-level deck.
  • Inviting friends over for BBQs.
  • Having a place for the kids to run!
  • Starting a little vegetable garden. I'd like to plant some peppers and tomatoes and sunflowers (because they're just fun and could look cute along the back fence).
  • Planting some perennials in the front yard. Any low-maintenance suggestions?
  • Having a place for the kids to run!
And you know the best part? Those soccer field will be an awesome place to set the kids loose and let them run ;-).

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