Monday, June 02, 2008

Taming the Lego Monster

I'm scared to go into my basement. I think a monster lives down there. In fact, I'm pretty sure one does. We call him the Lego Monster.

He came to live with us about two years ago and made himself right at home. The monster quickly took over the playroom. I suspect this particular monster has digestive issues. How do I know this? He vomits. Legos. All over the floor.

I've forgotten the original colour of the carpet down there. It is perpetually coated with thousands of tiny plastic pieces. Have you ever tried to clean up after a messy Lego monster? I am nearly at the end of my rope and require some sage advice.

Perhaps I should limit the monster's food supply? Feed him a small daily selection of the choicest plastic pieces? Maybe he needs a special table all to himself? A homemade drawstring bag? Or maybe a designated Lego mat?

I need help!

I'm not willing to bring the Lego monster along on our move next month. He'll have to find a new place to call home. Until then, it's down to the basement I go, to once again do battle with the monster.

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