Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Continuing Saga...

I have such mixed feelings about our new washing machine. It still smells bad. I finally ran a load of bleach through with some old towels and the mildewy smell decreased noticeably. Unfortunately, the stench has not disappeared completely. I have also been leaving the washing machine door open and wiping out the seal between loads. This helps, but it's fairly inconvenient.

I do enjoy the perks of using a front-loading washer, though. Our clothes dry very quickly because a great deal of water comes out in the spin cycle. The dryer always finishes before the washer. (I love the dryer's moisture sensor.) Our laundry gets finished in half the time it used to.

The kids also find the washing machine fascinating to watch. Yesterday our two-year-old sat through nearly an entire cycle (45 minutes) because her special blankie was in the wash. Her running commentary of the entire process was priceless.

I also enjoy the large counter in our laundry room. I've started the habit of folding our clothes straight from the dryer. I can arrange everything out on the counter until I'm ready to put the clothes away. No more piles of folded laundry cluttering our living room couch! It's funny how simple things, like a counter, can make a huge difference.

So there you have it, another fascinating look at my little laundry room drama. The never ending saga continues...

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Anonymous said...

Oh Linds, I can understand this as our's in the condo drove me nuts too! I found the washer was much better at getting clothes clean, hopefully you find that gem in this all too! bless you!