Friday, August 01, 2008

On the Cusp of Victory

I think we can very nearly (almost, so close, just about) claim to have a potty trained three-year-old. Hallelujah. I seriously thought we might never see the day. Our son has been out of pullups for almost two weeks now. This past week was virtually accident free! (He tried sleeping in underwear for a couple nights, but that resulted in a wet bed. I'm not terribly concerned about night training at this point.) I think we'll wait one more week before we claim complete and total victory. It's so close!

In related news, our two-year-old daughter is also potty training. Phew! It's been an eventful few weeks. She still wears diapers but is averaging three or four potty successes each day. I'll take anything we can get :-). The whole process of pooping is still a bit mysterious to her though, so we may have to wait on that aspect of potty training for a short while yet. I'd sure love to have two new potty training graduates by the end of the summer...

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