Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mr. Green Eyes

Our littlest Inkling will be four months old tomorrow. The past few months have been incredibly busy for our family and I can hardly believe my babe is no longer a newborn. No longer a newborn! He's not even a small baby anymore. He's huge! Our babies have all grown to be nice and chubby, but Mr. Timbit certainly takes the prize. I am very curious to find out his weight at our doctor's appointment tomorrow morning.

Our first three babies all had bright blue eyes. In particular, our second son's eyes continue to be a rather startling shade of blue. Our newest family member appears to have taken his cue from a different gene pool. His eyes are definitely darker than his siblings'. I feel fairly certain our timbit's eyes will turn out to be hazel, like his mommy's :-). I'm happy that at least one of our kids will share my eyes.

Mr. Green Eyes, can you stay small forever? Please? I think our family's days with a baby in the house are quickly slipping away. Some days I wish I could freeze time...

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