Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Never Ending List

Don't get me wrong, I love our new house. It is a complete and unexpected gift from God. Every day Ben and I find something else in our home to be thankful for. For example, this week we were grateful for our west-east exposure. (This is something we never would have thought to look for in a house.) Our backyard faces east and by mid-afternoon it's nice and shady. The kids can play outside without frying in the hot weather.

However, our new home has come with a list. A long, long, long, long list of tasks. We've accomplished a great deal over the past seven weeks, it's true. But every day I feel like the list of unfinished tasks grows longer. The weeds in the yard stare me in the face. The poorly painted bathroom mocks me. The curtainless windows make me feel naked and exposed. The unstained fence seems shabby.

I know most people don't even notice these unfinished details, but the perfectionist in me constantly cringes. I want everything to be done. Finished. There are only so many hours in the day (and limited strength and energy). I hate the fact that I can't get everything accomplished.

As well, Ben and I try to live by the motto "people before things". Time spent with our family and friends (and one another) is time well spent. This is harder for me to live out than it is for my husband. He is a natural people person. Most days I'd rather paint the fence. (It's a selfish attitude, I know.) Without a doubt, we know God has blessed us with a gorgeous home so that we can bless other people. We want to practice hospitality. God is teaching me to be humble because I'd rather not invite people over until our house is "perfect". I'm quickly realizing that the "perfect" day will never come!

So, please forgive me if my yard looks unkept. Believe me, it bothers me more than it bothers you. I'll try to be gracious and not point out all the flaws in my house. This home is a gift from God. I know that. It's beautiful and gorgeous and spectacular. I must keep reminding myself of that fact when I become mired by the details of my never ending list.


The Nilsen's Journey said...

Oh Lindsay, I can truly relate to you with this post! I have been feeling much of that with our development!! However, I will confess, I have been challenged by your gift/determination/discipline to put into practice entertaining others often! You are wonderful! Bless you!

Sarah said...

I know the feeling of not having your house up to the way you'd like it. We're in the same spot, having bought a house in May. It was a rental and everything seems to need fixing! From the walls being repainted to the carpet being replaced to needing a new garbage disposal so the sink doesn't overflow. It's hard to remember that God has a plan for us that may not include me getting my house to the perfect stage right away...I have to remind myself if people come over it's to see my husband and me, and not necessarily my house's progress. I love reading your blog! Blessings...

Christine Lesiuk said...

I think I may be living next door to my twin! In many ways we think very much alike!
Before I read your blog I was already going to suggest the Inklings come over and play some morning so you can do some things or do nothing!
I have Thursday and Friday free the next 2 weeks if you'd like to plan something.