Saturday, August 16, 2008

The New Do

I recently cut and coloured my hair. For the past few years I'd been sporting a pretty boring look --- long, straight and natural --- and thought it was time to update my image. My next birthday involves a daunting zero, but my hairstyle hadn't changed much since high school. Time to step into the twenty-first century!

The stylist kept my hair long but she added lots of layers. She also put in some chunky blond highlights. The results are quite different! I'm still getting used to my new look, that's for sure.

As I prepared to go to my appointment yesterday, our son asked how I planned to change my hair. I told him the stylist would add some new colour. "What colour do you think would look nice?" I asked.

"Oh Mommy," our five-year-old replied, "I think pink hair would look beautiful!"

Sure enough, as soon as I returned home our son was quick to compliment my new look. "Wow Mommy!" he cried, "I love your stripe-y yellow hair!"

He paused for a moment and peered at the side of my head. "Mommy?" he asked, "Can you hear anything through all that hair?"

I guess our kids aren't used to seeing their mommy with such a fancy new do :-).


The Nilsen's Journey said...

I can't wait to see your new do! Would you post a picture???

Lacey Law said...

I second that! Picture, please :)