Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big Boy School Kids

Today is our five-year-old's first full day of school. (He's especially looking forward to eating his lunch in the cafeteria!) Our son also has his first ballet lesson later this afternoon. I'm thinking we'll have one tired boy come the end of the day. A seven o'clock bed time should be just fine, don't you think?

Our almost-four-year-old seems to have taken to preschool like a duck to water. I don't even get a goodbye at the door anymore! He's a sociable little guy, and I suspect he'll do just fine at making friends. We had originally planned to keep our second-born back a year from starting kindergarten because his birthday is in November. (The school's cut-off date is Dec. 31.) We're now considering registering our son to kindergarten next year after all.

Our boys are 22 months apart in age, but I think they may end up being only one grade apart in school. Keeping our five-year-old back a year was definitely the right decision. (He is a January baby.) Would it be the right decision for his younger brother too? I'm no longer convinced. They're two very different little boys.

I mean BIG boys! (They're always reminding me!)

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