Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall Into Reading 2008

Yummy! Nothing beats a crisp fall day, a warm cup of tea, and a delicious book. I'm thankful Katrina has, once again, chosen to host the Fall Into Reading challenge :-).

This season is a busy one for our family. As a result, I've chosen a very modest reading list this time around. Here are my book selections:

This book is the third installment in the series I'm slowly working through.

Okay, I can admit my weakness. I'm a hopeless fan of Christian romance. (Pathetic, I know, but I can think of worse vices.)

This is an older book, but one I've long been curious about.

I had to add something to my list to make me look serious and scholarly.

If you would like to check out other Fall Into Reading book lists please visit the Mr. Linky at Callapidder Days. Better yet, join in on the fun yourself!

Happy reading!


Prairie Girl said...

Good selections. I agree I'm a hopeless Christian romantic too!

I'll check out the link and maybe join in the fun :)

Robin said...

Excellent choices. I almost picked up Deceptions today at Berean's. Then decided I should probably start with the first one in the series. Alas, they didn't have it. Will have to put it on my amazon wishlist.

Have fun reading!

Robin of mytwoblessings