Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ode to Autumn

Here's a neat little meme started by my dear (real life) friend, Prairie Girl. Be sure to head over to her site and join the contest in honour of Autumn. A subscription to Martha Stewart magazine is up for grabs!

1. My favorite fall colour is chocolate brown.

2. The fall meal I am most looking forward to enjoying is beef stew with baking powder biscuits.

3. My favorite fall activity is baking.

4. I am looking forward to wearing mittens again.

5. If I were to fill my thermos/coffee mug with any beverage, it would definitely be peppermint tea.

6. My favorite fall tradition is Thanksgiving dinner!

7. My favorite spot to "take in" fall colours is driving through the mountains.

8. My favorite fall sound is the school bell.

9. My favorite fall smell is wood-burning fireplaces.

10. Fall makes me feel cozy and productive.

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