Thursday, September 25, 2008

Eight-Legged Friend

A rather large spider lives on our back deck. Her name is Claire. She's been with our family for several months and spends her days hidden in the corner of the house. At night she weaves her web by the light of the moon.

Claire is properly known as an orb weaver. We believe she is a cat-face spider.

Our spider friend is impressively large. Her body alone has grown to nearly an inch in diameter. Neither Ben nor I have seen a bigger spider in the wilds of suburban Calgary. We wonder if Claire will stay with us through the winter. Will she hibernate in the corner of the siding? Can she survive the cold?

We do not mind sharing our deck with this eight-legged friend ... just so long as she stays outside of our house.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Help she looks ugly! You are so diplomatic,my hubby tooo! I would have killed her! Or not, for the fear of the thinnggggggggs!

Ha ha, you are brave, I have said it before..

Ha ha, are you breading insects that attracts those big mamas? :)

Have a gr8 weekend!