Friday, September 26, 2008


Ben and I have never claimed to exhibit great fashion prowess. Our clothing is quite ordinary. Ben loves his stripy shirts. I like Value Village.

Fashionistas we are not.

Lately, we've begun a new love affair with LL Bean. The clothes are good quality and reasonably stylish. Ben likes wearing the LL Bean button-up shirts. I love how perfect his shirts look straight out of the dryer. I recently bought two LL Bean fleece sweaters, and I must admit, I enjoy any shopping experience that doesn't involve trucking four small children through the mall. (The duty and shipping nearly make me faint, but that's another story.)

Along the same lines, I recently did truck several small children though Eddie Bauer. The store had a terrific clearance sale. I wasn't courageous enough to brave the dressing rooms with the Inklings in tow, but I sure enjoyed browsing through the racks. Someday when we're rich and famous I could get used to shopping at Eddie Bauer ;-).

All that to say, I've been feeling a wee bit insecure next to my super-stylish friends. I could never pull off the skinny jeans and 80s tops. Lulu Lemon gives me hives. I prefer comfy cargos and a fleece pullover any day. Hemp jewelry is cool, right?

Ben and I may be nabbed by the fashion police sometime soon. Ben's new tweed jacket must surely count as a minor offense. That's okay, though ... at least we'll have comfortable clothes to wear in jail.


Tracy said...

oh my friend.... I love your style of dressing... smart I think and yet a down to earth look that is beautiful. I think you look like your beautiful land... fresh,and clean with a definite feminine look ,you look great in pant's and feminine in anything... my thoughts... Tracy Doesn't matter what brand you are wearing,,, it should have 'lindsay inkster' written on as it suits you... keep doing it!!!

secret storm said...

I completely agree with your friend Tracy. And I think tweed is very very cool. My whole goal in life is to dress like a 40year old. I can't wait until I can pull of big black capes with birkenstocks and glasses with beaded strings so I can take them off and on without losing them and I will cut my hair very short and read books on organic gardening. Everyone's got their own thing and I love who you guys are. And I LOVE value village too. Its like a big treasure hunt.