Monday, November 24, 2008

Menu Plan Monday
November 24, 2008

I am running a bit behind with the menu planning this week.  Here it is, already Monday evening.  Oh well.  Such is life.  This week I'm not going to submit much of a plan, to tell the truth.  I have lots of meals saved up in the freezer.  We'll be eating some of the soups, casseroles and burritos I have saved.  Our plan is to keep life simple as the weeks march on toward Christmas.

This morning I did my routine trip to the grocery store.  We stocked up on the basics --- milk, bread, fruits and veggies.  It was refreshing to have a relatively light shopping trip!  Again, we're trying to keep things simple (in order to have a little extra to splurge on Christmas).

Like everyone else, Ben and I have been carefully looking at our budget in light of the economic downturn.  We've been thinking about ways to cut our expenses.  To tell the truth, living on a potentially tight budget doesn't really scare us at this point.  The "early poverty days" of our marriage are still too fresh in our minds!  We know God is our provider, and come what may, He'll help us to hang in there.  In a lot of ways, this economic season is less scary than our family's tight times were a few years ago. Yes, we now have a mortgage and four kids, but we also have greater resources and experience.  Our "early poverty days" taught us how to save, how to stretch dollars, and how to cook with beans.  (I have lots more bean recipes to draw on now!) 

Ben and I have been tossing around the idea of planting a vegetable garden in our backyard next summer.  (This is something I think will become a popular trend.  It's the whole urban farmer thing.)  We have practically no gardening experience between us, so it should be an interesting experiment.  (To put it mildly ... I have no illusions regarding the work involved in caring for a garden.) I'm into canning, and we have a big freezer in the basement, so a garden could be a very good thing.  Through the cold winter months we will read The Calgary Gardener books.  Maybe we'll learn at thing or two...

In other news, last week's coconut chicken recipe was less-than stellar.  We were disappointed but I think the recipe has great potential.  When I try it again I will add more spice, garlic and cayenne pepper.  The dish simply needed more zip and deserves a second chance.  I did love how easily the recipe came together in my crock pot.  

As well, the grilled turkey wraps were a surprise hit.  (Though I will admit, grilling them in the waffle iron was a bit weird.  The grid marks were unusual but they did taste great.)  We used sliced turkey breast, mozzarella cheese, fresh spinach, honey mustard and green spinach tortillas.  Yum!

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The Nilsen's Journey said...

Your post was familiar to me with some of your thoughts! We also had some good early poverty days when we were first married - we are both so thankful for those times! God has always met our needs & He indeed is faithful! We also have been planning our mini garden for the spring...and neither of us have done this before either...we'll have many stories to share hey?