Sunday, November 23, 2008

Surviving Christmas Chaos

This week I was feeling a wee bit anxious about the approaching Christmas season.  I just read a great article in the newest Focus on the Family magazine, and I'm slowly starting to feel better.

Swallow.  Gulp.  We will survive Christmas this year.  We can do it!

This weekend our family placed the nativity scene out on our fireplace mantle.  The reality of Christmas, the blessedness of the season, became more real in our home.  We're unapologetically slowing down for the next few weeks and carefully selecting our commitments (respectfully saying "no" to most things) so our family can focus on the true meaning of Christmas.  Jesus Christ.    

Here's my favourite excerpt from the Focus magazine article.  It hit very close to home, as though it was written especially for our family:

Our family used to wish Christmas was over; now we embrace the season with anticipation.  Instead of only focusing on the "to-dos" of the holidays, we're learning to take on every task as an act of worship, doing all things for His honour and glory.

Will Christmas ever be perfect?  With four spirited kids and two imperfect parents, it's not likely.  But the important thing is that Christ is at the centre of our home and holidays --- and we plan to keep Him there.



AlisonVeritas said...

that's beautiful. Always good to be reminded that worship is what happens minute by minute in the choices we make and the way we love!

Prairie Girl said...

God has a wonderful way of using those Focus magazines at just the right time, doesn't He!

I hope this Season is a special one for you and your family. And that any anxiety that surfaces is quickly replaced with a quiet joy (my prayer for you :)