Thursday, December 18, 2008


I am incredibly thankful for our family's good health these past months. Last year it seemed we were sick all fall and winter. (Admittedly, my memory may be coloured by last year's pregnancy fog.) This time around we've hardly caught more than the sniffles. Praise God!

I was worried our four-year-old, in particular, might be sick a lot this year. He seems to have a weaker immune system than his siblings. Whenever a cold goes through the family he catches the worst of it. Last winter the poor guy had a perpetually runny nose and several ear infections. I was a bit worried this fall because I figured our four-year-old would bring home all sorts of germs when he started preschool. I'm pleased to report this hasn't been the case! Our little guy had one cold with a nasty cough a couple weeks ago, but it cleared up quite quickly.

Why have we been so healthy? I don't know for certain but I have a few theories...

We moved to a new house this summer. (I don't know if our house has anything to do with anything.) Maybe our family is healthier because we're not living in such close quarters? Maybe we share fewer germs now that we have separate bathrooms?

The kids are napping more than ever before. Last year our eldest son attended jr. kindergarten for two hours every afternoon. He's a kid who needs a great deal of sleep but on school days he wouldn't get a nap. As well, the other children had their naps cut short every afternoon as we dashed to the preschool. (Oh, the tantrums!) This year our kindergartener has actually reverted back to napping on the days he is home. All the kids sleep for about two hours every afternoon. (Those are two hours of peaceful bliss!)

I am no longer volunteering at the YMCA. Last year I taught a preschool music class each week. Our (then) three-year-old attended the class with me and the other children played in the babysitting room. I am convinced the kids picked up tons of bugs from the Y. Though I have a great deal of respect for the Y's volunteer programs, it was always difficult to find last-minute teaching subs if the kids were sick. Many volunteer moms simply brought their sick kids into the babysitting room. There were no other options. I really enjoyed teaching the music class, however, I am very thankful the kids no longer visit the Y.

All that to say, I am grateful for our family's good health. It is not something we take for granted. Cold and flu season can feel like a marathon (especially come February...) and I will happily accept every healthy day God sends us.


The Nilsen's Journey said...

Thanks for your post. It stopped me dead in my tracks to pursue the volunteering position at the Y - Having G sick this past few weeks has been more than I wish to expose him to if not needed! I'm so happy to hear you've all had a very healthy fall! That must be awesome!! said...

i am thankful too :-)

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Strutt's said...

I would also like to thank you for your post. Nobody really knows this about me, but in the last year or so (amongst all my other health issues) I was diagnosed as having the craziest phobia...emetophobia, a.k.a fear of puking! FANTASTIC! Although I'm not like some who are intensely and life-threateningly (?if that's a word?) afraid, I'm merely afraid of only myself. That said, I have been very cautious and meticulous with hand-washing and cleanliness. I only have two kids, but can totally understand the craziness that ensues when sickness strikes. May you be blessed with greater health, and quick recoveries!