Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Icy Sidewalks

We live in Calgary --- the heart of the chinook zone.  All winter long our city is caught in an endless cycle of freeze - thaw - freeze - thaw - and freeze once again.  This morning I noticed a huge patch of ice on the sidewalk in front of our house.  I was scared someone might slip on the ice but we didn't have any gravel or ice melt.

Then I noticed the floor of our garage was filthy.  It was covered in road salt and gravel from the bottom of our vehicles.  Hmmm.  Hadn't the City spread that stuff on the roads to make them less slippery?  Wouldn't it work just as well on my icy sidewalk?

I snatched up my broom and a dustpan, and in three minutes flat our sidewalk was covered in a nice layer of gravel.  Best of all, it didn't cost us a penny!

It was a simple solution that worked for me.


The Nilsen's Journey said...

Super industrious! That was a great idea! Hope you are all feeling better this week!

Simply Sara said...

How very clever and resourceful Lindsay!
I really enjoy reading your sweet blog :)

Simply Sara said...

Hahaha....sorry :)
Actually I just made it 'public' this past week. (I really was hiding out!)

That would be great if you added me. I'd love to add you too!

Have a great week!

much more than a mom said...

Great idea!

(We're very close to you...nice to meet another S.Alberta blogger!)