Friday, January 30, 2009


Apparently, we have a growling baby.  Perhaps he's part bear cub?  For the past week our nine-month-old has been growling and grunting and making grumbly sounds.

It's not that the timbit is particularly upset or in a bad mood, mind you. He seems to think the noises are funny.  I think these strange vocalizations stem from the vicious cold we all fought last week.  The poor guy lost his voice for several days.  Sick as he was, our baby boy clearly found his growly voice amusing.

I think genetics may be at play in all of this.  The timbit's daddy is a guy who likes experimenting with sounds.  (I don't know any of the other children who are like this...)  It would appear the youngest Inkling has also inherited his daddy's auditory fascination.  

So if you hear a strange growling noise coming from the playpen, don't worry.  The baby is friendly, has had all his shots, and he doesn't (usually) bite!

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