Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome to My Bookstore!

I've been having so much fun these past couple days.  Yesterday I created my very own bookstore on!  What could be more fun than choosing all my favourite books to share in one place?

Please click on over and take a look.  You can also access the store by clicking the image in my blog's sidebar.  I have read (or am planning to read) nearly every book in the store and will continue to add selections. Enjoy browsing the shelves. :-)


The Nilsen's Journey said...

Wow, Lindsay! That's a lot of crafting books! Some of the titles are outrageous too!! I caught your bug of online book ordering & have been doing so these past days - it's a bit scary how easy it is to order online!! Wondering if you've read or have yet to read that MaryJane book?

Lindsay Inkster said...

Hee, hee. I'm sure I know which outrageous titles you are referring to ;-). They're actually great books, if you can get past the cheeky titles.

Yes, I've read the books by MaryJane Butters. (I borrowed them from the library.) I thought they were both really great!

AlisonVeritas said...

what a great idea!

Prairie Girl said...

very cool Lindsay!! That must have taken a fair bit of work.

I loved reading through your choices and saw some new titles I want to check out.

I agree with Wendy - it is a little too easy to order books online. Click click click and all of a sudden your cart is a little more full than you meant for it to be.