Sunday, March 01, 2009

Menu Plan Monday
March 2, 2009

Here's our menu plan for the upcoming week.  Yum, yum!

Monday:  No cooking!  (Supper with my parents)
Wednesday:  Pierogi beef skillet, green salad
Thursday:  Leftover night
Friday:  Homemade pizza
Saturday:  Bean burritos (from the freezer), apple slices
Sunday:  Clean out the fridge

Baking:  Oatmeal cookies with dried apricots and white chocolate (Martha Stewart's cookie of the month for March)

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Simply Sara said...

Looks great Lindsay!
How do you make the Orange Chicken??
(I don't have the subscription to Taste of Home.)
Sounds yummy!

Prairie Girl said...

You need to check out Martha Stewart's Cookies

Quite honestly the best cookie cookbook I've ever seen. It separates the treats into chapters like: soft&chewy or crispy&crunchy.

And the pictures are enough to make you consider eating the paper they are printed on.

Lindsay Inkster said...

Martha Stewart Cookies --- I know! I have the book on my book shelf and it is totally delicious looking!

The orange chicken --- it's the first time I'm trying this recipe and if it turns out I will post it :-).

The Nilsen's Journey said...

Hello! Your menu plans always look so great! I have gone back & tried to access some of the recepies from Taste of Home, but even after a while, I can't access it. Do you mind sharing a couple recepies?
1. Southwestern salad
2. Tortilla vegetable chicken soup
3.Mostaccioli casserole
4. southwest rollups
& 5. Potatoe ministrone

(If you can find them easily) Thanks!