Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring, Will You Ever Arrive?

I can hardly believe we woke up to snow again this morning.  Will it ever completely melt away?  I'm just itching to get outside and play in the dirt!

Ben and I spent most of the weekend talking, planning and dreaming about our yard.  We even made two separate trips to Home Depot. (Scouting expeditions.)  We have grand plans and a small budget, so we'll see what actually gets accomplished!  Ben and I have never done anything with a yard before.  It's all a great, big adventure.

I've been mulling over the flower beds I dug out along the driveway last fall.  Ben thinks we should just fill them with bark mulch this year.  I sort of agree.  I also sort of disagree.  I'd like to fill the borders with an easy, pretty, low-growing perennial.  I'm thinking pinks might look nice, maybe cheddar pinks?  (The name alone is almost enough to sell me.)

If the weather improves I hope we'll rake the lawn next weekend.  We may even start digging out the veggie patch along our back fence.  I'd love to clean off the deck and bring out the patio furniture, but then I'm sure we'd be guaranteed to receive another dump of snow!   


Simply Sara said...

I could hardly believe my eyes this morning too. *Huge groan*

On the bright side I also noticed some of my perennials coming up.

The promise of spring IS just around the corner.
I know you'll enjoy planting your garden this year...cheddar pinks sound lovely!

Prairie Girl said...

I love the smell of bark mulch, but it does fade over time. You could get the fairly small pieces of bark and then you could still do some planting.

I'm so happy to hear you've decided on a veggie patch! I look forward to hearing what you plant and harvest. The kids are going to love it!!

I've nearly (with much begging and pleading) convinced Chris to let me have a Crab Apple Tree (he's worried he'll be the one doing all of the picking). Maybe we can do a jam for veggie swap in the future :)

The Nilsen's Journey said...

Oh all this talk of gardening...I have much to do! Thankfully last fall I planted a tonne of tulips! I like the fact that they spring up annually - although they are not around all summer...I had plans for a vegetable (small) garden, but I think that's a bit ambitious for me this year. Next year. I look forward to hearing what works & does well in our city's weather!