Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

Our littlest Inkling celebrated his first birthday yesterday.  How did that happen?  Our little timbit is all grown up!

Here are some of the things our big boy is up to:
  • Timbit has six teeth and is working on number seven.  He likes to feed himself all sorts of things --- pieces of banana, pear, orange, grapes, hard boiled egg, peas, corn, beans, chicken. Our growing boy is a good eater.
  • Our one-year-old is not quite crawling yet.  He gets around by bum-scooting.  He also like to turn around in circles (sitting on his bum).  Over the past few days he's started flipping on to his tummy, so he'll likely make it to his knees soon.
  • Timbit knows the signs for "more" and "all done".  He can also wave bye-bye.
  • I think our big boy's favourite birthday present was a sparkly gift bag.  (Not too interested in the gift inside the bag!)  He's a typical one-year-old :-).  


The Nilsen's Journey said...

Happy belated b-day T! He's really growing up hey? G loved those signs as well & the past couple of weeks gave them more up - thanks for the reminder to encourage them again for less frustration! Bless you! And I will take your advice on survival homemaking...I'm hoping in a couple weeks, I can get back into the tougher stuff!

Prairie Girl said...

Timbit - I can hardly believe you are 1 year old!! You are growing so very fast. Glad to hear you enjoyed your gift bag. Boxes and bags really are the best, aren't they?!

Hope your coming year is wonderful in all ways possible! :)

Simply Sara said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to your growing little man!
I can't believe he is already a year!

Gotta love the cousin did the same thing and went right from scooting to walking.

Lil' Timbit- May this next year bring you many more giggles and new adventures!