Friday, April 17, 2009


I always enjoy finding the newest Taste of Home magazine waiting in our mailbox.  I like the bright pictures, the unfussy recipes and the everydayness of it all.  Taste of Home is totally unpretentious.

Unfortunately, sometimes the magazine is a little too unpretentious.

Actually, the magazine itself is not the problem.  The ads enclosed with Taste of Home are really classy, though.  They make me want to run off and load my credit card to the max.  (Insert sarcastic tone.)  Here's an example of this month's gem:

"Rockin' Through the Years" begins with a fully-sculptural replica guitar adorned with a vivid montage of favourite Elvis moments ... just flip the switch, and you'll be dazzled, as the special built-in lighting system illuminates the vivid art from behind.

What in the world is a "fully-sculptural replica"???  

Apparently, the king is still alive and well.  (And tackiness reigns supreme.)  You, too, can own the "Rockin' Through the Years" commemorative guitar for two easy installments of only $29.99.

(Requires two "AA" batteries, not included.)

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