Monday, April 03, 2006

The Nesting Instinct

My husband teases me that I am "great with child". I am about seven months into my third pregnancy. To tell the truth, I enjoy being pregnant. So far I have been blessed with easy pregnancies and births.

However, this pregnancy has been slightly different than my first two. I have caught a severe case of the nesting bug.

For the uninformed, the nesting bug is characterized by an overwhelming urge to organize, decorate, clean, purge and otherwise "ready the nest" for the coming birth.

To date we have painted the entire interior of the house (save the bedrooms and one bathroom), refinished the floors, reorganized the basement storage room, cleaned out all the closets, and de-cluttered the kitchen cabinets. This evening I just finished painting the small downstairs powder room.

And wait .... I have plans for more. I've purchased wallpaper borders and am ready to paint the boys' bedroom, I have a pattern chosen to sew a crib quilt for the new baby, I need to wash all the windows now that spring has arrived, and I'm in the process of filling the deep freeze with casseroles and soups.

Phew! I will admit, I am a "do-er" by nature. I love to have projects to work on. But even I can see that perhaps the nesting instinct is taking over. (Just don't tell Ben. I need to convince him of my plan to redecorate our bedroom!)

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