Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pre-schooler Logic

My eldest son turned three years old in January. Three is, shall we say, an interesting age. Sometimes my young pre-schooler is an emotional mess, not unlike a teenager in the throes of puberty. At other times he is the sweetest, funniest, most adorable boy on the face of the planet.

Ahhh .... the joys of parenting a pre-schooler!

Here are two recent conversations I had with my three-year-old:

Episode 1:

My mom had taken the boys to the playground for the morning. Afterward, we were all sitting together at the table eating lunch.

Me: I am so glad that our boys are not picky eaters.

Three-year-old: But mommy, I pick my nose and eat it ...

Episode 2:

We were again sitting at the table eating lunch. My little boy innocently looks up at me and asks:

Mommy, does the baby in your tummy eat her lunch through her utility cord?

So when my little man is in the midst of a tantrum, the kettle is boiling over on the stove, my toddler is eating crayons, the laundry buzzer goes off for the fifth time, and the phone rings .... I just smile knowing that I am blessed to have the sweetest kids in the world.

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