Thursday, September 28, 2006

Don't I Feel Beautiful

My son has been full of compliments this morning ...

We woke up late, so I was still wearing my housecoat as I dressed the children. My little boy asked, "Mommy, are you going to put on your makeup today?"

"I haven't even showered yet, Buddy," I replied, "I'll put on my makeup after I take a shower."

"But Mommy," he argued, "I don't want you to wear makeup. You don't have to look pretty today."

I've been feeling a bit sensitive about my appearance lately, to tell the truth. I still got ten pounds to lose and my tummy is very soft and squishy. Worst of all, my hair is falling out! I'm in that lovely post-pregnancy hair-shedding stage. Yuck! I find it so gross.

My preschooler, sensitive young man that he is, really gave my self image a boost this morning when he loudly complained:

"Mommy!! Why do your hairs always get in my nank!"

My wonderful husband assured me that I am beautiful. Of the men in my life, I choose to believe his opinion above all.

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