Friday, October 13, 2006


Our family made it through the week. Neither I nor the children have been felled by Ben's vicious stomach flu. For this I am supremely grateful. I've been walking on eggshells for the past four days, waiting and praying, hoping that the kids and I would stay well. I've scoured the bathroom several times, and washed all the sheets and towels in bleach. I (hope) I can safely say that we are now in the clear.

This week I've often asked myself, "Am I worrying too much about this? Am I being germaphobic?" I would like to think that all my praying and cleaning is simply prudent. After all, I am a mom of three young children. It is the beginning of cold / flu season, and I would like my kids to be as healthy as possible. I understand that some germs are practically unavoidable. However, I aim to protect my family from as many nasties as humanly possible.

I bought a handy little product called Purell Hand Sanitizer Moisture Therapy. I like it because it smells nice and is packaged in a spill-proof tube. I keep a tube in my diaper bag. This lotion is great for times when I'm out with the children and can't wash hands with soap and water.

This evening I was glad to have my little bottle of hand sanitizer with me. Our family went to a birthday at a "hampster land" play place. It was pure preschooler pandemonium, let me tell you. One little girl peed her pants at the top of the slide. A toddler made a game of putting gooey half-eaten nacho chips back in the bowl. The birthday boy threw up all over the floor.

My boys were gleefully oblivious to these disgusting occurrences. They had a blast and played in the hampster tubes non-stop for two hours. Occasionally, one of the boys would stop to grab a few bites of pizza or cake. I cringed every time their grubby hands came near their mouths. Ugg.

My kids were forced to endure several trips to the bathroom to wash their hands. I was forced to endure the scorn of my dear husband. "Don't you think your overreacting, just a little, honey?" he gently scolded. Nope. I scrubbed the boys' hands with sanitizing lotion once we were safely back at our van.

And you can bet our kids had a thorough bath when we got home. I sure won't let those nasty germs get the upper hand in our family!

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