Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another Milestone

My Baby Girl is growing up. She's officially seventeen months old today. She is also officially weaned.

My big girl has not nursed for more than four days in a row now. For several weeks she had only nursed for a few minutes each morning. Last week I (reluctantly) decided it was time for her to wean completely.

For whatever reason, I have weaned each of our children at exactly sixteen weeks into the following pregnancy. I haven't consciously made the decision or kept a particular date in mind. My body just says it is time, and I must concentrate fully on the new baby growing inside.

My big girl has adjusted quite well. She still asks for "muck" every morning, but is content with snuggles and tickles instead. I must admit, I am happy with our new found independence. However, I am also very much looking forward to snuggling my new little nursling in a few months time :-).

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