Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hungry, Hungry, Hungry

It's no coincidence that I embarked on my recipe binder adventure at the same time I entered the second trimester of pregnancy. I am officially into the hungry stage of this baby-making journey. I think about food. A lot.

I've spent hours and hours leafing through (drooling over) food magazines, tearing out any and every tantalizing recipe. Thank goodness for my generous friends, women willing to feed my voracious recipe habit. My food binders are shaping up quite nicely. And I still have a lovely stack of magazines to sort through.

So tonight I am faced with several options ... Should I cut into the yummy fabric I purchased last week? Will I crack open that new book on potty training? Or would I rather sort through a few more recipes?

I think I know which activity will win out. This is the hungry stage, after all. ;-)


Sheila said...

Once you are done sorting recipes, please share some favourites!

Lindsay Inkster said...

Will do :-)