Monday, March 03, 2008

"Just Call Me Your Majesty..."

Our children like to play make-believe (a pass time I heartily encourage). Some of the kids' favourite imaginary games include building elaborate space ships, going camping, and running a restaurant. As well, they often pretend to be royalty.

Kings. Queens. Noble knights. Princes and princesses.

This morning the game kicked into high gear soon after breakfast. Our five-year-old directed the action. He played the part of the king. I was assigned the role of queen, our three-year-old played the prince, and Little Sister was a lovely princess. The king set thrones (kitchen chairs) in the middle of the living room and wore a flowing black cape around his shoulders.

"Queen Mommy," he declared, "You must come and sit on your throne beside me."

"Uh, Buddy, I still have to clean up the breakfast dishes," I said.

"Queens do not do dishes!" he decreed.

"I'm afraid this one does," I replied.

The king turned his attention to the prince and princess. I hurried to finish tidying the kitchen.

"Queen Mommy?" asked the king," Now will you come and play with me?"

"Well, okay Buddy. For a few minutes," I said.

"Don't call me that!" objected the king, "You may only call me Your Majesty!"

And so it was. For the rest of the morning our five-year-old insisted on being addressed as Your Majesty.

Interestingly enough, the young royal was easily convinced to lay aside his persona in exchange for a plate of spaghetti at lunch time. He also spent most of the afternoon pretending to be a giraffe...

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