Sunday, September 07, 2008

Menu Plan Monday
September 8, 2008

The weather has certainly turned cool the past couple of weeks. It's funny that we went straight from running our air conditioner to using the furnace. It seems the fall season has very suddenly come upon us. I don't mind, really. Fall is one of my favourite times of year. I love cool-weather cooking and like to use my oven. I even started baking again last week. Mmmm.

As an aside, my project for this week is to decorate our living room and kitchen area. I think I've finally found a vision for the space. I needed to live in our new house for a couple of months before I could decorate and make it feel "homey". This afternoon I purchased fabric for valances, some new drapes, and three curtain rods. I think once I dress the windows the space will feel more warm and inviting.

I'm still finding our family's groove with the new back-to-school schedule. This will be our first full week of the new routine. I'm not sure yet how everything will play out, but my big boys both had a great time at school last week. I'm loving living across the street from our son's school. It's a great time saver, and it's nice to get out for a little walk and some fresh air.

Here's my proposed menu plan for the upcoming week:

Monday: No cooking (supper with my parents)
Tuesday: Lasagna (I made a huge batch of sauce last week. I plan to make two lasagnas and freeze one), green salad
Wednesday: Encore performance
Thursday: Best of bridge bean soup, homemade multigrain bread
Friday: 5-minute southwest salad, cornmeal muffins
Saturday: Grilled hamburgers, japanese cabbage salad, corn on the cob, baked beans
Sunday: Clean out the fridge

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Sandra said...

Great menu :) Yum on the lasagna, love it :)

My Menu Plan

Sherry said...

Great menu! We love comfort food and your menu is definitely lots of that! :D


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Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Looks delicious!! It is starting to turn fall-like in our area as well, my favorite time of year!

Have a wonderful week!