Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fall Into Reading 2007

Tomorrow marks the first day of winter and the official end of Fall Into Reading 2007. I've enjoyed participating in this terrific reading challenge. Thank you, Katrina, for doing a great job as hostess!

I included the following six books in my personal reading list:



Safely Home
by Randy Alcorn

On Every Side
by Karen Kingsbury

These High, Green Hills
by Jan Karon

For this challenge I compiled a shorter, more manageable list. I was able to finish reading every book. My oldest son started school this Fall and I am blessed to have an hour to rest, read or sleep each afternoon. In addition to my official reading list, I also finished the following books:

The Potty Training Answer Book
by Karen Deerwester

MaryJane's Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook
by MaryJane Butters

The 100-Mile Diet
by Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon

Between Sundays
by Karen Kingsbury

by Karen Kingsbury

by Karen Kingsbury

The Parting
by Beverley Lewis

I am currently in the midst of reading the following two books:

Heaven ... Your Real Home
by Joni Eareckson Tada

Out to Canaan
by Jan Karon

The two book that greatly impacted my life this Fall were Randy Alcorn's Safely Home and Heaven. I am pleased to have found Randy Alcorn's work and look forward to reading more of his books. As well, I have started reading Joni Earekson Tada's books and appreciate her humour and gentle wisdom. I always enjoy Karen Kingsbury's and Jan Karon's fiction series. I am thankful Kingsbury and Karon are both prolific writers and I have many titles yet to read.

What have I learned from my Fall reading list? I learned a great deal about my heavenly home from Randy Alcorn's books. Heaven and Safely Home radically impacted my faith and renewed my love for Christ. I highly recommend Alcorn's writing. As well, Leil Lowndes How to Talk to Anyone taught me several conversational tools and is helping me on my journey toward becoming less shy. Lowndes' book taught me to be focused on others and to worry less about myself.

I was also impacted by Smith and MacKinnon's The 100-Mile Diet. This book was written by a Canadian couple from Vancouver. For one year Smith and MacKinnon ate only local foods produced within a 100-mile radius of their apartment. They chronicled their endeavour in an engaging journal-style book. The 100-Mile Diet has forced me to rethink my buying habits and when I visit the grocery store I continually ask, "Where did this really come from? Do I need to buy it?"

I am somewhat sad to see the Fall Into Reading challenge come to an end. I've enjoyed writing reviews and reading the thoughts of fellow bloggers. Many participants have compiled interesting and insightful book lists. I look forward to joining in future reading challenges and hope Katrina has plans to host a new challenge next Spring!

Please visit Callipider Days to browse through many other Fall Into Reading 2007 wrap-up posts. Happy reading!


homebutnotalone said...

You really do like Karen Kingsbury don't you!

I had one of hers in my challenge too, I really enjoyed it.

Blessings from Northern Ireland.

Nise' said...

Great job. Thank you for the recommendations. I have not read Randy's books yet, but he is on my TBR list. Merry Christmas.